House Moves

No house move is too big. If you've been told your house cannot be moved, contact us for a second opinion. We have moved homes that the owners were told could not be moved. Listed below are a few samples of recent house moves. Call 1-888-299-5545 for a quote.

Stewart house Greer, SC. This 37' long, 36' wide brick, veneer ranch home was moved 23.5 miles from Greer, SC to Blue Ridge SC. The journey took 11 hours and 25 minutes due to the width of the structure. Once at the location the house was to placed 11' 8" from ground level to make room for a basement.


The 9 ft basement had to be dug prior to the arrival of the house due to the lot's location and soil condition. National House Movers built bridges 12' wide, 9' tall, and 30' long in the basement for the dollies to travel on. Once the house was over the basement, it was raised an additional 2' to desired height.






Church steeple -Woodruff, SC. This 28' tall, 16' wide steeple was lowered on and moved moved from a church in Woodruff, SC. The steeple weighed 4,400 lbs. and the majority of the weight was the bell positioned in the middle of the steeple. Because of the location and height of the steeple it had to be balanced out perfect to keep the structure from tipping over.


The steeple was lowered onto the flat bed of a ford f-450 where it was tied down and moved to the back of the church lot. The steeple was chained of down the the bed of the 450 to prevent any tipping during transport. Once at the new site the steeple was lifted of the 450 and set down at it's new location.


Brick House - Gaffney, SC. This 52' long, 45' wide structure was relocated on the same property to make room for a new business. Weighing at 110 tons, the house was moved from the front of the property to the rear with the brick still applied.



808 Kenilworth
This house was moved all the way up hwy 11 into the mountains.



G.A. Zeigler House - Greenville, SC.House we moved to the back of the property for G.A. Zeigler construction company in Downtown Greenville. In order for them to pour a complete new basement we had to move the house back and then place it on its new foundation upon completetion.




Allen house - Greenville SC. The 62' x 28' off-frame modular home had to be placed over an already existing foundation. The off-frame modular was moved approximately 12 miles over the road to it's new location.



At the new location the modular was lifted and leveled beside the new foundation walls. National House Movers placed 2 pieces (40'x12"x12" H-beams) under the existing 65' haul beams. Using ivory soap between the haul beams and 40' H-beams, the modular was slid over and lowered on its new foundation.